Miracle in the Northwoods

Reader Interactions


  1. Dear Mr. Pierpont,
    Thank you for sharing this testimony! Just as I came on your site I had given my daughter (8) her spelling test and one of the words was “yearn” and my sentence was, “I yearn to see all of my children believe in Jesus.” In that characteristic-of-young-girls way she said, “Oh, Mo-om,” as if I had said something silly. But I do pray for it with all my heart, and I believe God can do abundantly above all I ask! Heidi’s testimony blesses me. Thank you again.
    Mrs. Tim (Kristyn) Hall
    Mom to Morgyn, Ryleigh, Timothy, Nathanael and Simon

  2. I am so excited for Heidi and for the rest of the family. ALL of God’s family! We serve an awesome LORD.

  3. Praise the Lord! The Lord’s blessing’s are endless, if only we submit ourselves wholly to him. What a blessing it was for me to read your account of Heidi’s testimony. I pray that one day I will experience the same blessing form each of my 5 young boys, ages 1-9.

  4. Thank you Ken for this. I met you one Family Camp day at Camp Barakel. I was the victim of one of the most selfish and horrid things a person can go through, divorce. Family was always the bedrock of who I was. My relationship with my children has been splintered at best over the years since, and partly because my children decided to stay with their mom. But I love them deeply and I pray that one day unity of spirit will come to our family, and they will have a fresh visitation from God, and experience the freedom of spirit that can only be found in Him. And that they will be His trophy to the world to show His Greatness, and Like Heidi people will be able to look and say, ” See what Great things God has done!”

  5. Dear Ken,
    What an encouraging blessing to read about Heidi’s salvation and testimony! God has given you a powerful use of words so that you told it with great clarity and interest.
    My grown son and daughter invited Jesus into their hearts at a young age, but have not lived their lives for His Glory. This is partly because of a multitude of problems in their dad’s and my marriage, which resulted in divorce. So I feel partly responsible for not encouraging them and praying more diligently for them to move in that direction. Will you please pray for my family, especially my son and daughter, when the Holy Spirit prompts you to do so? Thank-you in advance for your prayers. And a special thank-you for the details surrounding your Heidi’s salvation and love for Jesus. It makes her even more beautiful.
    Keep the Son in your eyes,