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  1. Good article, except for this dig against contemporary christian music “We may sing the great anthems, or Christian classics or we may praise him with acoustic instruments and nasal voices, but all of our hearts are filled with the wonder of the Living Christ.”

  2. You are right Tom. The next time you look here I will fix that. I do not feel that way and I didn’t really mean it. I love acoustic music and use it and I have worked hard to take the nasal quality out of my voice. My wife and musician brother have actually consciously worked to get it in. I have issues with bad theology in writing, preaching, and music young and old, but not over-all condemnation.

    Thanks for pointing this out. God bless you.

  3. As they used to say in our old Pentecostal days, “That’ll preach, Brother Pierpont. That’ll preach.”

    God bless you. We miss you here in Michigan.

  4. I enjoyed reading this. . . very uplifting!

    Also, just wanted to comment that the so-called Christian classic hymns (which I love to sing myself) may have sounded pretty crazy and “contemporary” to the early Church too if they had heard those songs!

    As your message here says in so many ways or less, in many voices, we celebrate the one true Saviour giving us eternal life!

  5. He is risen indeed, but I’m think that it is a pity that people have to judge the intent of your statements regarding nasal voices. In some cultures, that is the way to worship God. The key is that God hears the innermost thoughts of the heart, and the beauty or discordance of our voice is not important. We must worship Christ in spirit and in truth, bringing him our best with reverent, holy joy.

  6. Jeremy, with all due respect:

    The positions of ATI/IBLP against contemporary christian music are well known. It is reasonable to have assumed that Mr. Pierpont was referring to CCM when he paired together “acoustic instruments” and “nasal voices”. He’s not the first person to have ever referenced the nasal-sounding quality of contemporary musicians.

    He cleared it up in his follow-up comments.

    Your points about worshipping Christ in spirit and truth are good. We should not look down on those who find themselves able to worship thru CCM or on those who find it easier to worship thru classic hymns.