My Studies at Cambridge

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  1. Incredibly beautifully written….it reminds me of when we used to ride out to Byron to hear you preach. I have some wonderful memories of driving out across the farm/woodlands on beautifull evenings….such a relaxing change of pace from downtown Flint. Then of course, we were guaranteed good preaching and a couple rousing hymns. Ahh, those were the days…. 🙂

  2. Thanks Josiah. You made my evening. We miss you around here. It was nice of you to spend time with us. I do cherish those memories. God is good to give us his simple, good gifts. God bless you.

  3. Hey, I recognized where you were before you said where you were, I graduated from Faith Baptist Bible College ,where Pastor John Hartog is still teaching, 20 some years ago. I’ve also attended that church, where he preached. He had two sons who are both Pastors and teach at the college. Alot of Iowa churches are just like that too, at least the ones I attended. I’m Dave Hinds wife Julie, from Mayfair, we see you at Camp Barakel and attended your summit in Jan. Thanks for reminded me of my roots! Julie Hinds