Operation Evangel (video)

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  1. It works. I had an great aunt-in-law who was an alcholic who was in her late 80’s. Basicly the one person who would never except Christ. She also was hard of hearing. Did you know that most people who can’t hear can hear on the phone? The Lord laid her on my heart to take time praying for her, take her to lunch, visit and spend many hours on the phone. She was very lonely. I’d be mopping the floor and talking to her on the phone. The very last time before she had a bad stroke she excepted the Lord. The Lord directed my steps. At first I didn’t even like her. I had to pray I’d love her. Prayer changes things.

  2. That is a beautiful story Evelyn… so neat to read. Thanks for reading and commenting and sharing that story. That so encourages me.

  3. Simple formula. I think you alluded to it at couples retreat at Barakel. My wife and I so appreciated your Spirit filled ministry a couple of weekends ago. The 20 treasures were a treasure delivered, and received!

  4. Simple formula, that I believe you alluded to at couples retreat a couple of weekends ago. My wife and I so appreciated the 20 treasures. The treasures were well delivered….and received!

  5. Tom. Thanks for your comment. It was a beautiful weekend. It was good to see you again and get to know you better. Glad the “Treasures” were valuable to you.