Post-Christmas Emotional Inventory

Reader Interactions


  1. I have always loved Christmas and wanted to put the days before and the day of on hold. I grow sad seeing it pass so quickly.I believe one reason is , it is so refreshing to see people being nice and sharing and smiling and caring as they should all the time but more so at this time of year.I just always have a sadness when Christmas Day is over. I am so glad it is never over in my heart as I have salvation through this gift of Jesus, the Saviour to the world.

  2. It is nice to read that someone feels the same as I do after Christmas is over ( bittersweet ),and I also do an emotional inventory, an assessment of my soul each year . Thinking of you Ken and Bless your heart.

    Because of him working through you ,

    Ted Dickerson
    Colorado Springs Co.

  3. It was a beautiful month dad! Thank you for successfully installing a love for Christ and Christmas in each one of us, your children! It was a wonderful, fast weekend. Thank you for loving us!

  4. Mary Lynn, thaks for the commend. It’s great to hear from you, Ted. Hope all is well. Kyle, you have been a continual delight to my soul all your life.