Praying Women

Reader Interactions


  1. What a great testimony to faithfulness in prayer! Some of my most favorite memories of First Baptist Church in Fremont, MI are the times that we had prayer meeting and I had the privilege of praying with Mrs. Afman. She prayed for me and for my future husband and so many more things. It was always a precious time and I treasure those memories. She was just one of the women in my life that taught me the importance of prayer and the power of prayer. I want prayer to be one of the legacies of my life as well. Talking to my Heavenly Father grows richer and richer everyday as I come to know Him in a more personal and passionate way.

  2. You are so right, Rachel. The Afman’s have the fragrance of God on them. I remember your mom being a praying woman too. She was at EVERY Prayer meeting. I’m glad you have happy memories of your childhood church. That is one of the greatest goals of my life, that children would grow up to love the Lord and love His church.