Slanting Evening Light

Reader Interactions


  1. Dear Ken,
    I really enjoyed your post, especially since I’ve spent some of my most memorable retreats for prayer in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I didn’t own the peaks, couldn’t care for the vast stretches of land, but I knew they belong to my Father in Heaven, who stretched them out and piled them up for me to enjoy, to admire, and because they are so majestic, they lead me to worship Him, giving thanks for all He does for us. Thank you for sharing.

    You and Evangel Church might enjoy and profit from a book my friend Rich Tiller has written. It is TOUGH CONVERSATIONS WITH THE HEART OF JESUS,Westbow Press. Those are the conversations we’d always like to avoid, but they can be opportunities for transformation if they’re moments of “speaking the truth in love”. Blessings and prayers, Jeannie Light.

  2. So nice to hear from you. I continually think of your beautiful book. If you recommend Rich Tiller I will read him. Thanks for the book recommendation. I have often told others of your wonderful book. I hope you write again soon.