Tending the Flowers

Reader Interactions


  1. How touching. Of course I had to cry. I used to babysit with Carol when she was little. I also gave Debbie piano lessons for a year. I’ve known Marlene for about 32 years. We don’t appreciate our friends as much as we should while they are here.
    Megan and I went to see where Doris Byars was buried yesterday. It just so happened that her husband, Harold and their granddaughter, Sarah were there. I invited him to church but he let that roll and changed the subject. He still needs our prayers for salvation. Keith, their son who is a preacher is back working with the company in Indiana that his father owns now.
    Glad you wrote this story.

  2. Thanks for writing Evelyn. Amazing that you would happen to visit Doris’ grave when her husband was there…. God arranges these things if we were only more spiritually perceptive, I wonder how much more we would see… Have a great day.