The End of American Civilization

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  1. Pastor,

    I truly enjoyed reading “The End of American Civilization”.

    I want to share an experience I had while living in Florida. I had just packed our car with a store full of groceries on a very hot and humid summer day. As I was leaving I passed a man walking on the paved road with nothing but socks on his feet. I immediately felt the Lord tugging at my heart to turn around and go back and help him in whatever way I could. Upon finding a place to park near where he was, I walked up to him – he was now walking in a grassy area – I asked, “Sir, is there anything I can do to help you? “Do you need a pair of shoes?” I rarely carried money in my wallet, but on this day I had $20. I offered it to him and he began to cry and told me that the Lord would bless me because I cared about him when no one else did. (He had passed hundreds of cars on his foot journey). He gave me a hug and we talked about the Lord and how good He is. He said he just needed an inexpensive pair of sandals for his feet and he would go into Walmart, buy the least expensive pair and return the balance of the $20 to me if I would wait. Upon hearing that, the Lord moved me to tell him to purchase food or whatever other necessities he needed. Again, he cried and hugged me and said, “God bless you”. I was filled with emotion and love for this man. I never saw him again, but I will always remember him and the impact he had on my life. When I told Tom about my experience, he immediately said to me, “Di, you may well have entertained an angel”. The pavement on a hot summer day in SW Florida would be near impossible to walk on in stocking feet. I had noticed when I first saw him that he was hopping from one foot to another until he was able to reach the grassy area. I have often wondered if I had indeed ‘entertained an angel’. If I did, I thank the Lord for allowing me to do so. If not, I thank Him for allowing me to help someone less fortunate than myself. The words in the last line of your blog, once again, brought to mind this life changing experience. My eyes are filled with joyful tears as I tell you this story. Thank you.

  2. I love your story, Diane. One day you may meet him again. I love the idea of living in such a way that you are attentive to the voice of the Spirit all day. I’m sure He was pleased with your kindness to the stranger.