Tree Time

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  1. Me, too Evelyn. I love this guy. Hey Josiah this looks like the lane to your house in the Great North. Hope all is well with both of you. We just brought a fragrant fir into the Granville Cottage.

  2. You need to come back to the Great North with yor clan of Great Northmen so we can all down some hearty brew, watch the snow and talk about Jesus.

    I was thinkin’ about Kyle last night after reading the Stonebridge that came in my email. He’s helped me out with a couple things lately…what a great dude. A lot of that is a credit to you. I’m really grateful for him as a friend b/c he’s a lot like you, but he’s uniquely positioned just a little ahead of ahead of me in life. So he’s always been a great place to look for an immediate example of how you love Jesus well and do things the way they’re supposed to be done. Even in Flint, he was always kind of a fence post at the end of each row – something to aim for so I’d stay on a straight course.

    I think someday you’ll have a prime seat saved for you for Christmas at the best church in the mitten state.

  3. WOW Josiah… you are a kind friend. You have no idea what your words mean to me this morning. How beautiful. I’m eager to see how God uses you in the future, too. You have such a consistent heart for God and for the things of God. Thanks for following the site and commenting. Blessed, blessed Christmas.

    I would love to come back north again. Maybe we will all take in the Desiring God Conf. in 2010…..