Two More Trips-Pleasant Valley and Bethel

Reader Interactions


  1. And we are thankful to be a “part of the team”.

    We look forward to seeing what God has planned for you and Lois at Bethel.

    It has been an immense blessing to watch Him work in you and through you this past spring and summer. WOW! The Red Jeep Journal gave us the opportunity to know where you were, what you were doing and seeing and most importantly all the lives you touched with His Word. Souls were saved for the kingdom for eternity!

    We watched your ups and downs and slowly but surely the downs disappeared into the past. The future is today and for all the many tomorrows as long as God allows. We praise Him for allowing us to go through this time with you and for our own spiritual growth that we have experienced because of it.

    Love in Christ,
    Tom and Diane