Two Women Holding Hands on an Autumn Afternoon

Reader Interactions


  1. I know how that mom feels. It was more emotional for me to leave Katie at BBC than it was for either of the boys.

  2. God has blessed me with a mind that ‘see’s what I am reading. As I read your story, I was imagining downtown Ann Arbor with its’ busy streets filled with people everywhere, peering into shop windows, traffic on the one-way streets, restaurants of every ethnic group imaginable, cozy diners (my favorite)and the two women you spoke about. Thank God for His gift to you in your writing. You make your stories so easy to imagine in the minds’ eye. They truly come to life for your readers.

    Blessed to be a blessing,
    Diane Hansbro

  3. Thanks so much for your comments, ladies. I know the feeling a bit, too. It is bitter-sweet to raise and launch children into this world.