You Will Never Find the Bottom

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  1. I enjoyed the picture of the little Kentucky cabin so much. I am from “Strawberry”, Kentucky and lived for a while in “Turkey Holler” near Cedar Hill…Monticello isn’t too far away nor is Somerset. My 2nd cousin, Ward Correll, lives in the Somerset area and my Aunt Lura Casada & her family all live in Burnside, Kentucky. Thanks for the article. My husband and I have been pastors for well over 50 years and are now in our 9th Interim Pastorate at a great church in a country town (Filer) in Idaho. God bless you! Doris

  2. There is nothing more beautiful than the sound of falling water into a waiting pool, and there is nothing more empowering than the sound of a great rushing waterfall–reminds me of the Holy Spirit……..

    Thank you for sharing this story……

  3. I love your stories, they remind me of my family even though they did not come from Kentucky but Arkansas. Memories of our past are very sweet. I have a lot of them. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  4. Oh what a blessing. If God us for us who can be against. That scripture came to mind this morning early while preparing gir my day. Its almost dinnertime. Just finished reading this wonderful piece and that scripture enters my life a sevond time today! Thanks. Hope you keep writing and inspiring.

  5. Thank you Ken !

    The Glory of Gods’ Creations , his Blessings.
    The richness of water falling into a pool, the
    soothing of the soul that it brings in the enjoyment
    or in the telling of it are all a blessing. There is
    nothing quite like it ..

    Blessings, Meesa

  6. Thank you for Sharing
    My Wife is from Va. and this truly Blessed Me! Pray the Lord Blesses Y’all !

  7. Thank you for this beautiful story. It made me think of my Papaw’s place in Southeastern (Pikeville) Kentucky. There was a big gray slick rock with the running stream in the holler behind the house. We spent time there during our vacations when I was a young girl. Those are treasured memories. Praises to GOD for his deep unconditional love for us, though we don’t deserve it. I await the return of JESUS. 🙂