Churches are Built on Sacrifice

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  1. God was sooooooo good to me. I was here in Taylor when the church started their building fund and after a few years of saving I had to move to Ohio. God allowed us to move back just before the opening of our new auditorium.
    Isn’t God great?

  2. My father-in-law took his first church when my husband, the eldest, was 10. It was a group of about a dozen people, meeting in a living room. In time they bought a little house in a neighborhood (and the acreage behind it) after the zoning board finally cooperated with their plans. Eventually, it was built into a lovely white church with a steeple. The steel doors in the gym came from the Silverdome in Pontiac when they were remodeling there. Other things came from other strange and interesting places. The men of the church pooled their energies and built a beautiful building. The ladies cooked meals that I have recipes for today… I will say, “Mrs. Hagopian made this cake when all the men built Papa’s church.” Thanks for sharing this story. It brought back many memories.