Direct Deposit (Thanksgiving)

Reader Interactions


  1. Good thoughts as usual Pstr. P. The increase in technology is amazing, and has changed life, drawing us ever closer to Christ’s soon return. I wonder at times how much of what we live in, Daniel was able to view in advance. Speaking of Daniel, it is amazing that the incident we most frequently associate with him,happened when he was 70 or older. Just the fall into the pit would’ve killed most men his age. His life, like Joseph’s, is one where you ask what God is doing. You’re ripped from everything familiar, given a place of national prominence, forgotten by the following administration,most of your predictions have to do with the destruction of the king or the kingdom, then in your old age, you’re persecuted by those you work with and visited by visions that disturb you. Still, there’s no denying that He was faithful to and used by God. It is men like Joseph, Jeremiah, and Daniel that give me the strength to go on. I may not understand what God is doing, or how He is using me, but I can trust Him to write the story and make the pieces fall in place.

  2. We do have a lot to be thankful for, don’t we Ken? Thank you for the News Letter. Thank you for the encouragement through Daniels life to pray more. Thank you for your friendship.