Ken Pierpont

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Journey Memory

A few weeks ago Bill Gothard’s assistant asked me to write a commentary on a passage of Scripture for young people who had attended a Journey to the Heart. I thought some of you might benefit from reading it so I am sharing it here. You can listen to it or read it. Let me […]

Marissa’s Quinceanera

On Thanksgiving weekend I was invited to participate in a beautiful Hispanic tradition for the Rolando Hinojosa family, the Quincenera for their daughter Marissa. It was a beautiful ceremony featuring Marissa’s faith and devotion to Christ and her family and friends love and devotion to her. Yesterday the local newspaper carried a feature article about […]

Times are Hard…

I listen to WWJ 950 to get weather and news. The other day I heard this add for Walsh College, illustrating how tight the job market is these days. Made me smile. A growing company in Southfield, seeks a team player who can walk on water. Must have strong presentation in 11 languages, including Klingon. […]

Watch this Message

in 2009 John MacArthur preached to young people at the Resolved Conference about how to choose a pastor and how to evaluate a church. No message in years has influenced me and impacted me as much as this message. Today, while making hospital calls, I listened to it again. I embedded it here so you […]