Ken Pierpont

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Harold Johnson, Veteran

You should meet Harold Johnson. I visit him whenever I can and it’s always an event. Harold Johnson is one of the patriarchs of our church. He has a neat apartment in a retirement home in nice part of Grand Rapids. He is a prayerful godly man. He’s been a part of the church I […]

Peanut Butter for Thanksgiving

To me the ultimate feeling of well-being is sitting down to a holiday meal with the family all around the table. It is especially sweet at Thanksgiving. No one cooks for you quite like your own wife. Over the years your tastes move in the direction of her gifts and her dishes move in the […]

When You Stumble

My mother taught me to walk briskly wherever I go. She said that way people know you are not interested in foolishness. Dad walked so fast I always had to jog to keep up with him. When you walk that way it leaves people with the impression that you’re up to something important and that […]

When Bumped

Things are not always as they appear. The whole thing played itself out before my eyes. Her husband did not want her to walk all the way in from the parking lot so he dropped her off at the main entrance. She was a pleasant-looking woman, nicely groomed and conservatively dressed. She was planning to […]