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Around The Table Some families rarely have a family meal together. They just “graze” all day. They wander from the ‘fridge to the microwave then park it in the living-room to stare at the big electronic “eye”. I must admit partial guilt. (Just as I finished this paragraph Lois came into my study from a shopping trip […]


Somtimes life takes funny little twists and turns that you suspect are more providential than they are coincidental. Last summer that happened to us in a true incident involving our oldest son, Kyle. The story follows:

Moon Walks

In our local library they have a delightful children’s book called Owl Moon. It’s about a little girl and her daddy walking through the snow on a winter night to see an owl. Somewhere, in some city, a grown-up girl thinks about her daddy years ago bundling-up a little girl and making a memory while […]

A Successful Man

If a man has a combination of wealth, strength, athletic ability, sexual attractiveness, position, respect, power, and influence; if he has the right toys and the right image, he is considered successful. Modern men have an insatiable lust for success. They are driven to achieve it. They thirst for its rewards. They want it and […]

Dead Stick

I’m always trying to think of creative ways to convince people that what I believe about Jesus Christ is true. He has changed my life and my family and I will love Him forever for that. That’s one of the reasons I attend Bible conferences, to learn more about how to effectively communicate truth about […]

Willows by the Water | Ken Pierpont

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