The Moon in the Mountains

Reader Interactions


  1. Beautiful thoughts and truths about our God. I think of green, a color or should I say colors. How can people look at ALL the greens and not know there is God, our creator.
    On the lighter side I knew you were a hillbilly when you said hollow. My city kid once asked me what hollow was. We were going up the hollow to see a nephew and his family. Once I told him to put everything in the fridge except the onions. I came home and he had the green onions in the fridge. He did not know what they were. That’s why we call our kids the City Kids.

  2. It’s amazing. To see this weaker representation of His attributes crying forth His majesty drives us to compulsively seek Him. If we stand dumbfounded by creation, how awesome the Creator must be.

    To think that one day these beautiful heavens will be rolled back and the greater Son of Man will be seen coming with great power and majesty. To try to appreciate that literal moment in a small way as I gaze into the night sky – it makes my flesh tingle and my heart sing.

    Great post.