The Secret of Joy

Reader Interactions


  1. Cute BEANIE!! I like that picture adds to it…this is true. Everyone loves a joyful person. I am thankful God has made me joyful in Himself ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. love the beanie… I will have to give you one of the Beanies…for memory sake…. I still have some in my craft box.


    Those are Special memories…

  3. That is ok “MOM” is old and forgetty and maybe the original ones were with macaroni…. I am sure you would remember.

    I agree the story is true and very important.

    I still have a tack pin that I got from AVON many years ago and it was supposed to be for Christmas but I wear it year around to remind myself and others of J-esus first, O-others second and Y- ourself last… is truly the way to have JOY…

    and I will say that your are a good example of that JOY

  4. I was just looking this over and I do recall that I did make little wood pins with Spaghetti Alphabet spelling “JOY”. That may be what you were remembering. Funny how those things come back to you.

  5. I cherish the “Joy Beenie” that you gave me. I keep it in my study and it reminds me of what you taught me to put Christ and others first and that will bring joy. I knew there was macaroni there somewhere ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Dear Ken,

    Can I get the music of the JOY song, please?

    A missionary from the States to Korea taught the JOY song to us, but I do not have music. It will be wonderful if I could get the music of it.

    Thanks and bless you!