Should Preachers Tell Stories?

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  1. Hey Dad

    I really like that post. I really believe stories bring it down to earth and paint a picure. When God wanted to redeem man he didnt give us a bunch of theological hoops to jump but He sent a man so that we would have a story to look to and a story to tell over and over.

    And as for the pointless stories I agree with you. I have never ever heard you tell a story without a point concious or not If that is how you spell that

    Love you dad
    Off To Kansas City. Or as I like to say KC for K arilee and C huk

  2. “I just want to be a really good story teller. My ambition is the Kingdom of God and my calling is to stir people up to press into the Kingdom with the Story and with Stories and with stories.”

    In my humble opinion you’ve done well….and I’ve noticed Chuk has really picked it up. When we’ve talked about things he’s always been able to give a powerful illustration which brings the truth to the forefront. God bless, I miss hangin’ with ya’all….drinkin’ the home-brew…. 😉

  3. I grew up with Tommy – he has always been as he is – a transparent, hilarious wonderful communicator. I’m blessed to know him…

    Sam B.

  4. Pastor, good analysis. The manner in which the rabbis taught was the manner in which Jesus taught, as He was a rabbi. It was similar to the manner in which Socretes taught. We, as westerners, may not understand the difference from latin, Jesuit logic. Balance, content, context always being total scriptural truth. Paul H. Belanger

  5. I am blessed to be able to call Tommy my friend. I believe your preference for “Truth” in stories is precisely what Tommy’s edge is: His deep love for Christ and his passion for winning souls for Christ. It spills out of him… the love and compassion in his eyes, the emotion that often erupts as tears or laughter, and the energy he exudes. I’ve never known anyone quite like him! Thank you for sharing your experience! God loves us all so much that He gives us opportunities to connect with him thru our interests or learning mode. Not a coincidence for a “wordy guy” like yourself to be introduced to God’s Word in a storytelling format. If you were “Ken Pierpont: musical leader….” you would have aimed your story toward Tommy’s son John Thomas Oaks. Praise God for knowing each of us so well!

  6. It was so nice reading your stories again..Always enjoyed them on email. Lost contact with you over the years.