Ken Pierpont

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Don’t Trifle

I was just finishing some yard work when I saw a Hispanic man drive up in a pick-up truck. A young man was with him, later I found out it was his son. I smiled and waved, he smiled a waved back. They unloaded some equipment and went to work. I finished packing my things […]


Ten inches of snow fell last night from about 3 o’clock Sunday afternoon to about midnight. I had some shoveling to do. There were ten inches in the Granville Cottage driveway. I dragged my heals getting going reading news on my iPad and then warmed-up the car and went to the gym like a sleigh-ride. […]

Cement Block House

We used to live less than an hour from the heart of the Ohio Amish Country. The countryside there was pleasant to see and we frequently drove the back roads in every season and watched the progress of growing things and family life. My day off was Monday. That was usually our day to wander […]