Ken Pierpont

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Are Children Welcome in Your Home?

Imagine with me you have a very, very wealthy unmarried, aged aunt. She calls you one day and says; “Can you come over for tea there is something I want to talk with you about.” You did have other plans but you make time in your schedule for her. I mean, after all, she’s lonely […]

Art’s Alaskan Adventure

Art Pierpont was my Grandfather’s youngest brother. Grandpa died over thirty years ago in the fall of 1980. His brother Art is from New York state. A couple summers ago we had a long talk. He told me some things about my grandfather I had never heard before. It was a fascinating conversation. He could […]

Culture or Conscience?

When I was a college student I developed a taste for music that was not honoring to God or consistent with the things I professed to believe. One wintry night I decided to make my way to the mall and visit a music store to buy an album of music that I really should not […]

Snow on the Mountain

A few years ago I was asked to speak to a group of young people in western Canada. The arrangement was a kind of “progressive dinner” of truth. I flew across Canada to meet my hosts. We travelled to the Banff Provincial Park in the Canadian Rockies and my host, Jared Mosher, had me speak […]